The Shrouded

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The Shrouded rule over the West using high magic and magical items, relying on the Arcane for almost every aspect of their lives. Thought to be creatures of myth, the Shrouded revealed their existence to the world about 300 years ago. While a few of the Shrouded have been seen on the ground, they keep mostly to their floating fortress.

The Shrouded take their solidarity very seriously and have responded to any perceived threats with extreme prejudice.

Races that inhabit the Shrouded’s Lands

✦ The Drow Capital is in the Shrouded Lands and is the largest non-mobile grouping of Drow
✦ Large Pockets of Elves either previously exiled from Templewood or opposed to the life of Templewood
✦ The largest open Tiefling populations in any area.
✦ Small Groups of Humanity who support the Shrouded over the Dwarves.

The Shrouded

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